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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Finding a Hairstyle

Having children changes you in numerous ways. There are the visible physical changes. Even if you are fortunate enough to "pop back" into your old shape, the fact that you gained 30-50 pounds, stretched your body beyond recognition and carried a living being inside of you leaves a mark.

Being a working mom is an exercise in balance.

The New York Times recently reported we have had "The Triumph of the Working Mother",  Despite that, most working moms are trying to figure out how to make it all work.
If you work full time, having to incorporate a helpless, albeit very cute, being into your life takes effort. Many working women, especially those in professional positions, have challenges with work/life balance before they ever become pregnant. Employers expect more of their employees and employees who are interested in remaining employed deliver.  So, incorporating motherhood into an already jam-packed life is no easy task.
For that reason, some moms look for ways to streamline their lives. There is a reason so many moms have short hair, or like me seem to rock an eternal ponytail.  We all confront the age old question of, "How can I look good, mother these children, get promoted, and maintain my relationship?" Often the answer is figure out how to make our beauty routines more efficient.

Many working moms choose a new hairstyle.

I was in a meeting recently where a woman who had returned from her second maternity leave in two years came in. She had cut her hair short. When I complimented her on it she replied, "This is a mom with two kids hair".  She looked fabulous, but it was clear that after having her second child she needed hair that fit her life--easier to style, quicker to dry, and it also had to look professional.  
Andre really likes longer hair. Our compromise is that most days, I'll rock a bun or a ponytail, which he hates. However, keeping it on the longer side, I can occasionally make a "command performance" and wear it out on date night, at weddings, or at the beach when I can just let my hair go wild. He would prefer that I wear it out every day. However, he has no idea how much effort that would take since I run on most days and have a busy schedule to maintain. As my grandmother would say, "Men do not know about such things!"
In a recent interview, Tia Mowry, actress, producer and the author of the recent pregnancy book entitled, Oh Baby! commented about her new short hairstyle.  Here's the video below. ENJOY!

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