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Working Mom Tip: Pittsburgh Public Schools Outstanding Early Childhood Development Programs and Afterschool Programs (Part II)(#ppsafterschool)

(This content has been compensated as part of an Early Childhood Education promotion for Pittsburgh Public Schools. However, all opinions remain my own. #ppsafterschool)

“A positive learning climate in a school for young children is a composite of many things.  It is an attitude that respects children.  It is a place where children receive guidance and encouragement from the responsible adults around them.  It is an environment where children can experiment and try out new ideas without fear or failure.  It is an atmosphere that builds children’s self-confidence so they dare to take risks.  It is an environment that nurtures a love of learning.”  -Carol B. Hillman (20th Century)

This is my second entry about the Early Childhood Development Program at the Pittsburgh Public School District. As you probably gleaned from my first post, "Pittsburgh Public Schools Has Outstanding Early Childhood Development Programs andAfterschool Programs", I am a proponent of the program. I also believe that the district is doing a great job in providing a positive learning climate for our young children that is designed to meet all of their needs.

The Pittsburgh Public School Early Childhood Development Program provides this positive learning climate and so much more. I spoke about the programs at the Children’s Museum and Dilworth in my first piece. However, I failed to mention that the curriculum used is personalized. Indeed, it is designed to focus unique strengths and needs of the individual child. In a word, the child is at the center of the program, which makes the programs special indeed.

Pittsburgh Public schools teachers deliver a pre-k curriculum, which goes right into the kindergarten curriculum. The children learn language arts, math, English, science and social studies. They’re also taught language and social language skills.  When students head off to elementary school, most can recite the days of the week,  the months of the year, their birthdays, the alphabet, numbers 1-10, phone numbers, colors and shapes.  They know how to spell and write their names as well, according to parents and teachers connected to the program.  

My mother is an educator. She has taught me that when a child feels special and cared for that child will thrive. I have not only read about the Early Childhood Development Program and spoken to parents who have sent their children there. I have visited the program. What I found were classrooms that were well-organized, brightly colored and stimulating. I also observed students who were smiling and excited about learning. 

One of the most impressive things about the program is that they do not only rely on the classroom. Rather, they view the entire city as their classroom. They have the students engage in landscaping, projects and field trips at many of the great Pittsburgh resources like the Carnegie Science Center, Gateway to the Arts, Jump Start, Carnegie Library’s Blast program and more!

More than anything, working moms want child care options that are safe, educational and enjoyable for their children.  

My daughter will be three at the end of September and I have relied on in-home care to care for her since I returned to work after my maternity leave concluded. I was reluctant to have her begin a daycare program because that model didn’t meet our family’s needs. However, as she has approached three, I have been keenly aware that she could benefit from organized instruction. I decided on one of the sites of the Early Childhood Development Program through Pittsburgh Public Schools because it was the best program that I could find.  I am confident that my daughter will thrive and be ready for kindergarten.  The fact that it is extremely cost-effective is an added bonus!

For more information, visit:

Check out this cool video about their environmental work! 

 The Afterschool Program

One consideration for most working moms is what to do with their children after the school day concludes. Pittsburgh Public schools has responded to this need with establishing an after-school program that ends at 6:30PM. While the afterschool program is not at every site, there are numerous sites dispersed throughout the city that are available. It is available for children up to 5th grade. Accordingly, siblings can attend as well. Also, working moms don’t have to make the tough decision about whether to work and have their kids become “latch key kids” or give up their jobs and lose out on that precious income. I guess you can say that the Pittsburgh Public Schools have figured out a way to help working moms, “have it all”!

Apply today!

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