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Mommy Mondays: The First Day of Fall

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline photograph, t...
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline photograph, taken from the West End Overlook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Everyone knows that I have had a tawdry affair with Summer for quite some time. However, today there was no mistaking that things had changed. Outside was colder than it has been since March. The sky was full of clouds and the sun was concealed. It seemed like the truth was still waiting to be revealed. And the air smelled crisp, I promise you it's a real thing...

Then, as I donned my favorite Stuart Weitzman patent leather boots, I remembered. Things had changed. Summer was gone and in its place was Fall. I also remembered that I still live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is the home of cool, dreary days, especially in the Fall. And it hit me, I need to find something to make me smile during this fall.

Don't get me wrong, as a working mom, my daughter is a constant source of joy. However, now that she's in the pre-school flow, she's increasingly independent. Sometimes, my job makes me smirk. Still, it's not enough.
I'm talking about a guilty pleasure of the fashion variety that can make me smile consistently as I traipse through the dreary Pittsburgh days wondering why I ever left Carolina blue skies. A few years ago, it was the aforementioned boots that were my fall fashion fix. This year, I need another one.

Let me know whether there is a hot fashion item that I should be considering and check out this poem!

The First Day of Fall

The summer is gone
Goodbye to the sun

It is the beginning of shorter days
Summer is gone much to our dismay

The trees are full of colors
Means more time in doors for mothers

Children relish in the piles
It's cool and they run for miles

They look forward to costumes and pumpkins
It's cool, but outside is still warm enough to have fun in

The end of this season is something we fear
Because now, we all know that Winter is near

(c) Chatón T. Turner 2013
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