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Working Mom Tip for Labor Day: Having More Sex May Increase Your Paycheck

Labor Day is about celebrating workers. And I don't know anybody who works harder than working moms. Many working moms are exhausted after working and taking care of their kids. And sometimes sex can seem like a luxury that we can't afford.

Since we're talking about what we can afford, let's talk about hold hard cash.

Working Moms Could Use More Money

Some working moms work for the love of it. However, many work for the money. Diapers, clothes and Nikes are expensive. Indeed, Nikes are so expensive my daughter doesn't have any. She's 2. Until she can ask for Jordans we won't even think about buying them...
In terms of necessities, child care has been known to break many families budgets. The New York Times recently did a piece entitled, "Crushed by the Cost of Child Care" that described women so overwhelmed by the cost of child care it almost made you wonder why anybody even has children.  Also, mortgages don't come cheap either. We won't even talk about the estimated cost of college in 16 years...

In light of these expenses, one thing working moms can all use is more money (unless Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton is reading this blog right now.) More money can get us more time by giving us resources to afford household help and outsource mandatory and mundane tasks like the laundry. More time means that we can spend more quality time with our kids, workout, and help make our dreams come true. In a word, it means that we can be better moms and happier women.
So, why don't we all just make more money? In this economy, you may think that may be easier said than done. However, I have a fun tip for you that should make you smile and a little richer, at least that's what they say...

More Sex May Increase Your Paycheck

Working moms are the most practical bunch I know. We do what works for us and our families. We also are able to stretch a dollar far. We clip coupons, hunt sales, and know how to make our old dresses look new by pairing them with inexpensive accessories.

I have news for my fellow working moms. Apparently those who have sex more than four times a week make 5% more money.  That's right more sex = 5% higher wages.
I'm not a math person. However, even I can do this equation. This means if you make $100,000 they're saying that you would make $105,000 if you have sex more than four times a week. Most of us could use that $5,000 for all of the many expenses that go along with children.
Now, this was a study that only included 6000 people. So, more research may need to be done. Still, having sex does beat clipping coupons. So, try it out and if you get a raise, be sure to thank me!

Check out the video entitled, "Have More Sex, Make More Money" through the link below.

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