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Working Mom Parenting Tip: Raising Great Kids

As working moms, we have great pressure to do it all. However, the most intense pressure we feel is the pressure to raise great kids. If you’re like me, you feel like you parent by trial and error. You try something and if it seems to work for your kids and your family you do it again. If someone ends up bleeding, crying or throwing a tantrum at the end, you don’t. While that is how parenting has been done since the beginning of time, we live in the era of the Internet, which means that we lots of tools at our disposal to help us parent better. 

The Secret to Raising Great Kids, Apply Everything You Have Learned

That’s not to say that I think that we should abandon everything that we have learned from previous generations. I watched “Parental Guidance” today with Bette Midler and Billy Crystal. It’s a movie about the parenting differences between the generations and it stands for the proposition that some of the old school ways work.
Still, once we know better we should do better. I have found that getting parenting tips from parents who have done it before is a very efficient way to improve as a mom. So, I am sharing this new site I discovered with all of you. Dr. Laura Markham has devoted her life to helping parents raise great kids.


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