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Toddler Tales: Back-to-School Season (School Picture Day)


The fall is an opportunity to have a different kind of fun. This year that our family joined millions of families and officially experienced the back-to-school season, replete with new school clothes, a new teacher and at the beginning, tears. As I mentioned in my prior post, Seven Tips to Surviving Pre-School, my daughter began the school year drowning in a river of tears. Now, she is a pro. She goes to school with a smile every day and is so excited about learning that she wants to attend school on parent/teacher conference days and weekends. She even “plays school” with her dolls at home.  Hopefully, her enthusiasm for learning continues throughout her life.

The Pout

Surprisingly, she did not object to the interruption in her learning by picture day. Instead, she met with the photographer and posed like she had been doing it her entire life. She gave the photographer smiles, pouts and attitude like she was being coached by Mario Testino. I don't work a flexible schedule. However, I sometimes make time to experience important events at school. So,  accompanied her to school and was able to watch this photo session unfold. I even was able to get some shots with my cell. Even the photographer commented on her willing participation.

The smirk
There is definitely no disputing it. She is definitely my daughter. There are three things that I have always liked, learning, mirrors and cameras. Don’t judge me!
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