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When a Working Mom's Schedule Turns Upside Down! (#Stress)

People have asked what I have been up to because I’ve been posting less frequently. Well, as all working moms know, a working mom depends on her schedule as her life line. When it’s disrupted her world is turned upside down.
For the past few weeks, my schedule has been upside down...  
In November, we experienced two holidays, a collision and two trips to the emergency room. And I have been playing catch up ever since.

Veterans' Day Important, but Inconvenient for Parents

As much respect as the federal government and may I have for the veterans, unlike my daughter’s school, neither of our employers celebrates the holiday. As a result, Veteran’s Day meant that one of us had to take off work and Andre drew the short straw. We considered ourselves lucky, Andre was able to take the day off and he and the toddler had the treat of spending the day together.  

When the Toddler Isn't Happy, Nobody's Happy

The Tuesday after Veteran’s Day, the toddler woke up with a terrible cold. She had a fever and a runny nose, which meant that she was unable to go to school. That meant that we had to make other plans for work. This time, Andre went to work and I worked from home for the morning. It’s hard enough seeing your child sick. It’s harder still when you have to figure out who’s going to stay home with her.

My daughter also has a flair for the dramatic. And she was completely distraught by the disruption in her schedule. To add insult to injury, she put on her backpack and stood by the front door crying, “I want to go to school! I want to go to school! I have to learn! C’mon Mommy, we’re going to be late.” This lasted about 20 minutes.

Happier days with her backpack

The Wednesday after Veteran’s Day, the toddler woke up even sicker than she was on Tuesday. She didn’t even protest staying home from school. She was content to remain in her pajamas. Because I had a day full of meetings, Andre stayed home with the toddler.

An Accident Has a Way of Disrupting Everything!

It was a sunny day. While I was sad that the toddler was sick, I was proud that we had managed to coordinate everything so well. Perhaps my smugness created an opportunity for danger. All I know is as I was waiting to make a left turn to go to my lunch meeting, I heard a crash, felt a jolt and my body lunged forward and immediately went back. 

The net result of the accident was my bumper was shattered and I had to visit the Emergency Department. The visit was even more stressful because I am pregnant. That’s right, at the time of this post I am 6 months pregnant! I have been trying to come up with a clever way to share that fact with my blog readers and have failed miserably. So, you’re just hearing about the pregnancy now. Fortunately, the baby and I got a clean bill of health.

The three of us and my baby bump!

We thought the health issues were behind us because the toddler felt better on Thursday and returned to school. She went on Friday too. However, she came home not feeling well. The next week she was too sick to go to school on Monday or Tuesday. For good measure, we took her to the pediatrician. Wouldn’t you know we were sent to the Emergency Department to get some additional tests. As any parent who has been there knows, that was an adventure. Ultimately, the toddler was diagnosed with pneumonia. Fortunately, she responded well to the antibiotics and is her sickness is a mere memory for her. Her mom will be forever traumatized though.

Thanksgiving Marked the End of November and a Fresh Start

I shouldn't complain because many other families have been through much worse. There have been natural disasters, death and long term disease. That being said, our November stressed me out. I was extremely happy when it ended, but not before making ten pounds of whipped potatoes (whipping that much is a hell of a lot of work) and various side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. There’s no rest for the mommy! Even with the extra work, we had a lot to be thankful for.
What ten pounds of whipped potatoes looks like.


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