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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Valentine's Day Working Mom Style

As a working mom, having Valentine's Day land on a Friday meant it was very hectic!

In honor of Valentine's Day, my daughter's pre-school was celebrating love. They invited all of the parents in for a party. I was committed to attending since both of my daughter's parents forgot about the last party they had at the school.  What can I say? We were confused because she had missed several days with a cold that week. Because we forgot she wound up hanging out with the teachers at that party.  (Don't judge us!)

Valentine's Day coincided with the week before my assistant's vacation. So, it was a very hectic day at the office.  I was trying to complete documents that needed to go out before the end of next week and complete the materials for a major meeting scheduled for February 21st. That's right, I was trying to complete two weeks worth of work in one week and leave early to make a school party. YIKES!

Fortunately, I made it. My reward for this sacrifice? When my daughter saw me she said, "I thought daddy was coming?!"

Daughter telling me to get out of her photo.

Daughter with her best friend. She liked having her in the photo... :-)

Andre has always made Valentine's Day special for me.  Indeed, we started dating around Valentine's Day five years ago.  That evening, he showed up with a sexy smile and the most beautiful red roses I had ever seen. I was completely taken in.  This year, he didn't disappoint me. Even though I had kind of forgotten about Valentine's Day he had made reservations and gotten his mother to watch our daughter. I love his romantic spirit! As you can tell in the photograph, we had a great time!

Valentine's Dinner at The Carlton
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