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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Sometimes I'm Too Busy To Blog Regularly (#TGIF)

"You used to be so prolific. What happened?!", said by associate

I ran into an associate at an event recently. She indicated that she had started following my blog and noticed that the frequency of my posts had fallen off. If you've been following this blog for the last year, you know that she's right.

Her comment made me feel great and terrible. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. It may have been the pregnancy hormones too. I was excited that she follows this blog and felt really bad for disappointing her. I haven't decreased my frequency because of lack of desire for want of material.

Fulltime Working Moms Are Sometimes Too Busy To Blog Regularly

Indeed, my daughter is as funny as she ever was. Besides her outfit induced tantrums that I discussed in Conflict Resolution and Parenting.  She also often prefers television to food. Eats so much chicken that I'm afraid she's going to turn into one. And is convinced that she was born to dance! Every night after school she becomes a "Dancing Queen"! She comes home puts on her crown, picks up her wand and dons her "dancing shoes". Even though she has rhythm, it's the funniest thing EVER.
Daughter at the airport with Aunt Jeryn wearing her crown

Why have I been depriving you of these amusing stories, videos and vignettes?
Writing good blog posts takes time. I just recently learned about Vine. Apparently it's a really easy way to make short videos. I need to master it. More to the point though, I have learned that being a working mom is and exercise in flexibility. When I was profiled in the Post-Gazette in October of 2012, I made blogging, working and motherhood sound easy. And it was, as long as we had a nanny.

Changing Your Childcare Option Alters Your Schedule

In September of 2013, our toddler began pre-school and we decided we didn't need a nanny anymore.  I realize that I was really spoiled during my daughter's first three years. And I liked it!
Since the nanny has been gone my schedule has changed. I can no longer devote my mornings to writing. Instead, my mornings look like this--I am getting myself up and ready for work, getting my daughter ready (includes doing hair) taking my daughter to school and breakfast. I've also been pregnant, which has depleted my AM energy. I am in search of another model that will return me to my former frequent posts. 
I know the above sounds like whining.  While I don't mean it to, I am a realist.  As I waddle around, work full time, and get up to use the bathroom several times a night, I doubt that I'll be able to post more frequently until I have this baby.  Until then, know that my world remains vibrant and interesting.  Also know, that I am somewhere feelings really guilty that I'm not writing more often!

So, please keep following me.  Or, as they say in church, "Please be patient with me. God is not through with me yet."

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