A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Funny Toddler Story

Being a mom gives you a lens into personality formation. I have learned that the inclination to pass the buck starts early. I have also learned that my daughter is constantly listening to me.

The other day my daughter reached into her bag and pulled out a rotten banana.  She exclaimed, "look what my father did!" The funny thing about her statement is it reflects what I say all of the time but it is a lie.

The rotten banana started out as a ripe banana that my daughter and her aunt Jeryn put into the bag when they went on an outing.  I guess they forgot about it and it rotted. I suspect my daughter made the statement because, "look what your father did!" is something I say about 100 times a day. I guess she figured that blaming her father was what was done under such circumstances.

I feel slightly guilty. Any other moms create a "father blaming" monster?!
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