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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Caring for Two Children on Maternity Leave

I still have not taken the time to write my second birth story. (What I will share is that it was another natural, drug-free, childbirth, but it was even more intense. To read about my first birth click here.) My life has continued to move at warped speed since coming home from the hospital that I have not had adequate time to reflect. I promise I will, but in the meantime, I'll post about what else has been going on in world.

Maternity leave goals, taking care of both children

During my last maternity leave I was able to focus on breastfeeding and bonding. I had one job, focus on the baby. And that job was all consuming. This time, I have a toddler and a baby. So, I have two equally important jobs--care for my infant and make my toddler feel loved.  I have been struggling a bit, but I am doing my best.

Last weekend I was invited to an event at Planet Bounce, a new kid activity venue in Canonsburg, Pa. 

Since my daughter has been craving mommy time since the baby was born I decided to take her to the event.  She was excited about the possibility of attending. She decided that she needed to dress for the party and donned her new tutu and her crown. We were able to attend because my mother-in-law agreed to watch the baby. In my head, everything was going to workout well. However, because this is my world there were complications.

We're selling our home and someone wanted to see it on Saturday. So before going to the event, along with Andre, I had to clean the house. That was quite an undertaking, but we got it done. Had I not previously told the toddler about the event, I never would have gone. I was way too tired. A mother does what she has too and so we went. We were gone longer than planned because got lost, I was also uncomfortable because I missed a couple of breastfeeding sessions. I also had a headache because my toddler made me go down a few slides with her. However, in the end it was all worth it. The joy on my daughter's face was priceless.

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