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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Maternity Leave

My son is 8.5 weeks old. And I have been on maternity leave as many weeks. I have been spending my days cuddling with him and staring at him.

In my heart I'm a Stay-at-Home mom, but in my reality I'm a corporate attorney.  So, I appreciate the blessing of my maternity leave and I am reveling in it. Some may say that I should lean in to my maternity leave, but I prefer to recline and enjoy my son.

Often I feel guilty for not being more productive.  My house isn't cleaner (unless we're showing it to potential buyers.  A topic for another post). My hair isn't nicer and I don't always have dinner on the table. But I am in love and enjoying getting to know the new man in my life.

I know me. In order for me to be focused on work when I return I need to be focused on the baby now. Work will survive as will my husband.  After all I'll be back full time soon enough. And when I am they'll have my complete attention!
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