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A Peek In to the Life of a Working Mom: Volunteers Beautifying Communities in Pittsburgh

One of the highlights of my weekend was meeting Trish Burton. Trish is one of those selfless people who sees what needs to be done and does it. Indeed, it appears that she is an angel of sorts who lives on Pittsburgh's North Side who is committed to making it more beautiful.

While taking a walk this past Saturday, I discovered Trish and her children planting flowers around the Armstrong statue in West Park.  I stopped to chat believing that they were a part of an organization. What I learned is that Trish and her family decided to maintain the statue voluntarily, taking over from another man who also did it voluntarily.  

We Can Create the Communities in Which We Want to Live

I was impressed by the quality of their work, their attitude and their smiles. So many of us walk through neighborhoods and say, "The City needs to pick up that trash, put out more garbage cans, plant more flowers, etc." Perhaps we should all shut up and take a page out Trish's book. We should create the neighborhoods in which we want to live. We should pick up the trash, buy a garbage can and put it in a space that needs it and plant flowers ourselves. If we all commit to it, we can create the communities in which we want to live.  I guess it's not surprising that another mom taught me that. Is it?

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