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A Peek Into The Life of a Working Mom: One way to Enjoy Life With the Newborn (Bath time)

As working moms we value the time that we spend with our children. When they are infants we are often conflicted about leaving our babies to go to work. For that reason, we want our time with our babies to be peaceful.

Bath time with my baby is one of my favorite times of day

I know that some moms struggle with bath time. They've asked me about it on Facebook and socially. I have to confess that my son used to hate bath time too. However, I have found that keeping the water running is a great way to soothe him. Since white noise is a proven way to soothe babies, they sell noise machines that mimic the rain and the ocean for LOTS of money. I'd like to say that I started running the water intentionally to soothe him. However, I discovered this trick by accident. I simply forgot to turn it off once and noticed that it worked. Some times it is better to be lucky than good!

The water trick worked. My son LOVES taking a bath.

Chillin' in the bathtub

To say that it soothes him is an understatement.  Instead, he is completely captivated by it.  Hearing the water running let's him know what comes next.  I place him in his little green bathtub. It is the kind that I place in the bathtub. It fills up with water and I place him on the little seat in the the bathtub. He sits there completely relaxed.   While in the bath he props up his leg like he's at a luxury spa and I am his faithful servant.

Bath time has become one of my favorite times of day.  I wash him with baby wash. I lather his head. Wash his body, trying to get the fat creases. Then, I rinse him.  I rinse him the same way each time, I pour water over his head and body seven times. Why seven times? There's an Old Testament story where a man jumped in water seven times and was healed. I've always been drawn to that story. By maintaining this ritual it's as if I am blessing him ever night. A blessing + a relaxation. What can be better?!

For those who think I'm wasting water, I say, "Stop taking showers."

Post Bath Photos

Post bath photos

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