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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: A Weekend Road Trip

This past weekend we got to have family time. And family time is always good!

Anybody who has kids understands that it is important to keep them stimulated. One way to do that is learning about interesting events and attending those that make sense.  One way to frustrate that goal is with a road trip.

Road trips are sometimes a necessity

This past weekend we traveled to Rochester, New York, my hometown.  Our trip was part family reunion and part self-preservation.  With our recent home purchase with its required renovations, Andre has spent most nights at our new home and I have spent the last two months of the days and nights of my maternity leave alone.  From 9-10 every night I have been the witness to two kids crying in stereo.  I have been at my wits end and have resorted to hiring a nighttime babysitter to help me.

Still, there’s no help like your mama.  So, like a thief in the night, last Thursday I fled to my hometown Rochester, NY with my kids and my dad.  

Dad burping baby (sideways)

The kids were great for a three month old and a toddler.  The translation of this phrase is my baby screamed bloody murder whenever it was time to eat. This wound up being every hour and a half.  So, we'd pull over for me to nurse him. Then, he had to burp. This routine and the roadwork lengthened a four hour trip to over six hours. 

Fortunately, my toddler was appeased only by a steady stream of cartoons on her iPad. Every mom knows that providing entertainment is essential on a road trip and the iPad is an easy way to do it.  

The truth is, my toddler was so good she should earn a medal. She handled her brother's screaming in stride and had no potty accidents. After our challenges with potty training, I was so proud of her, especially since I did not make it easy...

I missed a service area exit on the New York State Thruway and was forced to stop at a Texting Stop, which has no restrooms. Like a champ the toddler managed to squat and go potty in the grass. She didn't even whine about it. Instead, she approached it like an adventure! When I asked her to remove her sandals first, she said, "Yeah I have to do that so they don't get ruined." What can I say, she's got brains and beauty!

Family time is what I needed

I fled to Rochester in search of help and memories. The trip more than delivered.  When I arrived in Rochester, I found my sister, mom and lots of aunties who were very eager helpers.  

My mom with the baby
It felt so good to relax. Not having to be on all of the time to protect the lives and limbs of my children was an incredible gift.  

So many aunts spreads the love around!
I understand that single moms do what I have been doing the past couple of months and more.  However, that is not my reality. I have been happily spoiled by having a helpful partner and I like it.  Women who do it alone are simply better than me.

Our dear friend with my son. Holding him as she held me long ago.

It’s hard to explain what the Rochester trip meant to me in words.  So, I’ve chosen to do it with pictures.

Seeing my children with multiple generations of family members was special. It was the circle of life realized. We have lost so many loved ones. However, our children, my children, represent the future.

My great aunt explaining life to my daughter.
My daughter loves parties and vacations because she gets to eat things that we don't always have at home.

My daughter indulging in treats and enjoying staying up past her bedtime
We had such a good time that both kids were thoroughly exhausted on the ride back. For my toddler, this meant that she slept most of the way.

A tired princess

For the baby, that meant that he was awake most of the time, uncomfortable and pretty cranky. There were more tears, more crying and more yelling. 

An annoyed baby

My dad got a little peek into what our lives are like outside of parties and planned dinners.  He was impressed by how I tuned out the baby handled it.  Fortunately, even despite the rain, we got home safely and Andre was waiting. 

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