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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: The Difference Between Mothers and Fathers

"Most mothers would be exhausted if they had the time to realize it..."-Chaton Turner

I have said many times I love fathers and my husband included. Like he likes to say, he does, more than “90% of the people who have a penis”. The funny thing is, I believe him. He has been known to change diapers, give baths and get our toddler ready for school. He has participated in school projects, attended parent-teacher conferences and has a private language he shares with our daughter. By all accounts, he’s a great dad. That said, he is not me.

Sometimes fathers get a break.

I have come to believe that the biggest complaint that mothers have with fathers is that they are not us.  Most great dads that I know have times when they just crash. They have been working long hours at work or on a home improvement project and their bodies just give out in an exhausted heap.

An exhausted dad

I’m not mad at them. I understand. Bodies have their limits.  Andre has been working around the clock trying to get our new house renovated while working his full time job.  He has been working really hard and he is tired.

That said, mothers like me get tired too.  However, unless we're hospitalized, we don't generally get a break. We are constantly taking care of children, washing clothes and cleaning the kitchen. When we are not doing those things, we're thinking about doing them.  That doesn't included our work responsibilities. Being a mom means never truly getting a moment of rest. Think about that...

Dads are wonderful, but they are not moms

As great as dads are, unless they are single dads and are forced to do more, they are generally co-pilots not pilots.  They do not have the responsibility of being in charge of the home.  There is an infinite difference between managing and helping out.  “Managers” think about the job constantly.  “Helpers” do their part and stop. They even expect gratitude because they did you a favor. 

Like I said at the beginning, I LOVE dads.  At times though, I’m a little jealous.
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