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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: New Shades (Almost Wordless Wednesday)

If you haven't noticed, my toddler is a bit of a diva. She wants anything with rhinestones, sequins, or sparkles. And she hasn't met a crown that she didn't like. Indeed, she wears one every day. And, if you call her princess, she won't correct you.  

I don't know where her propensity for glamour comes from. However, I haven't objected. Despite my feminist tendencies and desire for equality, I don't think that there's anything wrong with indulging your inner princess.

Below is a series of photos I took of my daughter in a new pair of sunglasses I got at Target.  Because Internet "window" shopping is one of my favorite pass times, I know that they are inspired by Prada.  They cost about $4.99, but the joy they've given my daughter is priceless. 

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