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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: The Weekend

The grandparents' surprise
This weekend we got to have family time. And family time is always good!

Anybody who has kids understands that it is important to keep them stimulated. One way to do that is find out about interesting events going on and attend those that make sense. This weekend I struggled to find events for the kids because I have been under the weather.  And, has been the case for the past four months I have been largely parenting solo.

Saturday was particularly challenging because I have had an intense cough for over a week.  It’s been the kind of cough that literally shakes me to my core and had one colleague ask “Do you have Ebola?” after I had a coughing fit in a meeting.  Her comment was crude and inappropriate to be sure, but the fact remains, my coughing has been out of control!
The result of all of this coughing has been bruised ribs and muscle spasms. 

So, on Saturday, the toddler went to her grandparents’ house.  It was a win/win.

They were glad to have her. She was glad to be the center of attention.  Shamefully, I was delighted to have one less child for the day. 

On Sunday, I was feeling a little better so we hung out and cleaned up.   

Enjoying the day 

Eventually  we ventured to The Children’s Museum.  We are there so often that it feels like home.  

Outside the museum acting like she owns the joint

We had lunch, played in the exhibits and then came home.  

We settled in for a long summer nap.  We must have all needed it because we were asleep for four hours!

Hopefully, I shake this cough soon.  In the meantime, send me your best cough remedies!
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