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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: The First Day of School (#backtoschool)

It is late August and the Back to School Season is in full swing.  Stores are having sales. Parents are buying clothes and supplies. And kids are adjusting to the return of normal.
My daughter's awesome classroom

Back-to-School Season is a Big Deal 

Indeed, today was the first day of school in our house.  Although our daughter is only in preschool, the back-to-school season is a big deal in our household.  Like my daughter says, it is time to learn!

So today my husband, daughter and I trekked to Preschool Orientation. It was a partial day session for the entire family.  I was the only dork mom insisting on taking photos at school like I was a member of the paparazzi. I know I was slightly annoying, but when I look at the photos I am reminded that it was worth it.
The first day of school
We were reminded of the rules and promised the teacher that we would always be on time.  We promised, but it felt a little odd. It felt a little like I imagine confession would feel. Promising to be on time at Orientation seemed like volunteering to say "Hail Mary's" in advance of any wrongdoing... 

A staged candid shot!

It was amazing to see how my daughter has developed since last yearWhen she started preschool at two and a half she was a baby. Now that she is on the eve of turning four she is so much more grown up.

When we went to orientation last year she was nervous to play with the other kids. Today she walked around like a pro. She and her friend who were in the class last year walked around, played with the toys and were relaxed.  Her biggest complaint was that we made her leave.  

Toddler and her best friend
Watching her develop this summer was enlightening,  She transformed from a little girl to a big girl before our eyes.  

She went all summer at camp without having a potty accident.  She picks up her room with prompting. She also understands what makes the world go 'round.  She's been known to ask me, "Mommy do you need some tea?" I think she asks that when I'm being cranky.  What an astute child!

Despite being astute, she remains a child who has yet to turn four. So, she had a tantrum when daddy and I were leaving for work. She had so much fun with all of us that she wanted the party to continue. It's a good thing tomorrow is a full day of school.  We need her cute little blonde friend to keep her occupied all day!

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