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Working Mom Fun Tip: Taking Selfies Like Kim Kardashian (#LoveYourSelfie)

A working mom can't live on work and family alone. She also needs some fun. When you're with your kids most of the time, taking selfies and sharing them with your friends can be part of that fun. Admittedly,  I used to think taking selfies was lame. But now I'm into it. The only problem is it is tricky to take a good selfie. Indeed, if you don't get the angle right you look downright silly.

With Practice, You Can Love Your Selfie

Here's my attempt to master the selfie. I don't know if the duck lips in the bottom right are a requirement, but I do see a lot of people doing them in selfies I see online.
 Kim Kardashian is the queen of the selfie. According to a recent episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" she's obsessed with them. She even released announced that she's compliling a book of her selfies recently, entitled, "Selfish".  So, not only is she obsessed with taking selfies she has monetized them.  After all, why have a hobby when you can get paid to do it?!

I think she has influenced me.  While I have no intentions of making a sex tape or taking selfies wearing itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, I have practiced taking regular selfies lately.  Here are a few of my attempts.  If you are curious, yes, I am in the bathroom. I was killing time at an event working on my elevator pitch and taking selfies.  I may need an intervention!

Working Mom Taking Selfies

Here is an article that gives some apps that can help you love your selfie!

This post was just for fun and not an endorsement for Selfish.


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