Working Mom Tips: Acing a Meeting

Working moms are busy, exhausted, and don't really have time for pointless meetings.  Still, corporate America is full of them!  Since we work to support our families we want to make as much money as possible.  For that reason, even though we may hate meetings, we do need to excel at them.

Too often working women are not heard in meetings

Every working woman I know has participated in a meeting and struggled to be heard. They make a suggestion that falls on deaf ears.  Later a man makes the same suggestion and people act like he discovered water. It is frustrating, maddening, and most unfair.  More importantly, as working moms, we don't have time for that.  We work at a great sacrifice because we lose time with our kids.  

What's a working mom to do?  Learn to rock meetings like it's your job, because it is.

To succeed at meetings, you need to know where to sit, what to say and how to say it to make the greatest impact.  Fortunately, I found an article that will help you do just that.  Follow the tips in the article.  You will not only ace meetings. You might just find yourself promoted!

The added bonus? Once you succeed at meetings you can move for people to stop scheduling so many damned meetings!

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