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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: My Article on What to Expect Website

Like many of you, I believe that moms can change the world.  For that reason, when I first learned about the Ferguson tragedy, I wrote a piece that discussed what moms could do to change the world as we know it and make it a better, safer place for young Black men and to improve race relations in general.  A mommy friend of mine through Twitter, Heidi Murkoff, liked my piece and connected me with an editor who had me tweak it and published it on the What to Expect website, What Ferguson Can Teach Us About Parenting Our Kids.  I am honored that I was able to share my message with a larger audience and really hope that the piece makes a difference.  Also, because Heidi likes my writing I’ll be getting more opportunities to write for the site. I’m sharing this accomplishment with you because it supports another principle that I live by—your network is the key to your success. 

            I’ll be speaking at The Mom Con, which is occurring in Pittsburgh NOVEMBER 14-15, 2014.  My speaking topic is “Networking Your Way to Success”, specifically how to use your network to make One Million Dollars.  I hope to see you there!  
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