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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: My Daughter's Fourth Birthday

My daughter turns four tomorrow. I can vividly remember being pregnant with her, feeling the kicks, speculating about what natural childbirth would be like, and praying for a healthy child.  

Here's what I got:

My pregnancy was relatively easy. Natural childbirth was a bitch. And not only was the birth healthy, she was more amazing than I could have imagined! I also got the family that I never realized that I wanted until she came into the world.

My daughter has grown into the most amazing kid too. She is beautiful inside and out and is an amazing big sister to her brother.  She is smart and more intuitive than you would expect for a four year old. Lest you think I boast to much, of course there have been parenting challenges along the way. However, those challenges have brought out the best in me. (Remind me of that on one of the days when I'm whining!)

Here's a photo from the weekend during one of Pittsburgh's days of Indian Summer. 

The birthday girl

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