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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Five Tips Dressing for Success (and other advice)

“It is better to look put together than to look different every day.”

Looking good is essential for the working mom.  Research shows that those who look well groomed are perceived better by the public and are considered for promotion more often.  Working moms sacrifice valuable time with their children and are contributing more and more to their households.  Accordingly, we want to avail ourselves of every opportunity to succeed.  If those who look put together get more opportunities then we need to be a part of that “put together crowd”. 

Looking good is a function of preparation

There is no excuse for not looking put together.  However, I admit that working moms may have a lot of explanations for it. Those that would top my list would be my kids, my laundry and my husband.  That said, I will be damned if I miss out on opportunities simply because I look like a hot mess.  Breastfeeding is hard, but being well groomed is easy, at least comparatively.

I work hard to look good, but it takes planning.  I have a lot of clothes. In some ways, I am a clothes collector. I keep my closet color coded and also organize it by clothing type dresses, slacks, suits, etc.  Keeping them separated helps me save time in the morning and makes it easier to coordinate outfits. Still, even with all of my potential options, when I am pressed for time, I rely on my staples to help me look good without taking a lot of time.

You don't have to be a clothes collector like me to look good. (Frankly, as my husband might say, I may need an intervention... :-)) As the quote suggests above, and what European women swear by, is it is better to wear great pieces that make you look good a lot than focusing on variety.

Here are some simple, universal, tips for dressing for success:

  1. Black is your friend. 
  2. Invest in a great pair of jeans. It's money well spent.
  3. You need great, good fitting under garments.
  4. Silk is bad if you're breastfeeding.
  5. Invest in a great pair of sunglasses. (Sometimes you just don't have time for eye make up!)

Posing with the baby after work one day

Below are some articles that can help you look good every day.  You work hard.  You might as well look good doing it. 

For those in Pittsburgh who need help with their wardrobes and/or images, consult Julie Peterson, Owner & Chief Consultant at House of Colour Pittsburgh, a personal color and style consultancy service.  Julie is one of my mommy friends and always looks terrific.

Me with Julie Peterson
I have heard amazing things about her service.  And like I always say, if you lack the time to do something well, outsource!

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