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A Peek into the Life of a Working Mom: Workweek Complications

"It's OK to cry over a broken egg..." 

Every working mom who has been on this journey longer than five minutes has experienced a workweek complication.  Sometimes the complication is caused by external factors like the weather, a scheduling change or a traffic jam.  As an aside, I have actually concluded that I probably would not curse at all if it weren’t for traffic jams.  Then again, there is still the issue of my husband’s laundry that seems to be ever present on our floors…

Other times, these complications are caused by internal factors. I am talking about mistakes that are entirely the mom’s fault.  I know in the increasingly blame free culture in which we live concepts like “fault” are out of favor.  But sometimes, that is the only way to describe it.  Today, my complication was entirely avoidable and within my control.  Hence, it was and remains my fault.
Here’s what happened:

I try to bring my lunch when I can.  I have found that boiled eggs make a quick, convenient, nutritious choice.  They are high in protein, low in fat and no animals are killed to get them to your table. So, they may be the perfect food. When I pair them with a little sausage and cheddar cheese, it’s almost like a have a tasty little feast at my desk.

Things that can mess up your lunch plans...

There are two things that can mess up my plan. One, I could forget my lunch on the table.  I used to think that there was nothing worse than forgetting my lunch. When I have done that I have obsessed about it all day because I missed the taste I was expecting and I had to spend money. Well today, I have realized that showing up to work with uncooked eggs beats all.

That's right, I brought two uncooked eggs to work believing that they were boiled and I planned to eat them.  I posted the photo twice intentionally. I wanted you to appreciate what I did. Perhaps I was rushing. Perhaps I was distracted. I don't know. I could speculate. However, the truth is, I simply forgot to turn on the water.  How's that for brilliant?!
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