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Working Mom Tip: Looking Nice When You Have Small Children

Nice outfit made of polyester
Seen on Facebook: It is really hard to look really nice when you have a tiny human whose care takes precedence over how you look. Anyone else with me on this??? 

My Response:

Every working mom knows that a baby can wreck your pursuit of elegance if you let it.  The secret is, you can’t let it.  Because while other moms will understand that your kid has you looking like a hot mess in public they will talk about you. And chances are, you were talking about those crazy looking moms before you became one of them before you became a mom.

I can relate to the challenge. Both of my kids have been spitters. It’s like they are allergic to clean shirts. When they encounter a clean shirt their mission is to soil it.  I think it makes them feel better or something.  The secret to looking good is to eschew natural fabrics and rock polyester.

I know this advice seems odd coming from me. I have shared my stories of natural childbirth, making my own baby food and making green drinks from scratch. I believe in natural foods, but appreciate the simplicity polyester more than ever. 

For you purists, I dare you to judge me. For you moms with small kids, trust me. Man-made clothing is the secret to looking good with small children. Cotton stains easily. Silk is ruined by spit up. And it's hard to get foul odors from wool.

You want to look good and smell good? Avoid natural fibers at all costs, especially leather.
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