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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: I am a top ranked US Executive (or I got spammed)

Like everyone, I sometimes receive unsolicited email. Sometimes the sender is telling me that they have my long lost inheritance. Other times they are telling that they will give me a large sum of money in exchange for a "favor" (no they are not requesting red light special services). Still other times they are sending me images of people engaged in activities that are illegal in some states and I seriously question how they chose me to offend that day.

The kind of spam that is less frequent and potentially more dangerous is the one below, the faux award type of spam. If you read the email, I am among the top 1% to be honored as a Top Ranked U.S. Executive.  Unlike winning an Emmy or an Oscar, I don't receive an award ceremony, there is no rubber chicken dinner, and there is no open bar.  Indeed, instead of giving anything to me they are requesting something from me, $159.00.

While I am not buying the certificate, I have to say, I don't mind this type of spam. However, here's a tip for those trying to solicit money from me this way.  Next time, just tell me that I won the right to be called, "Queen". 


Original Email

National Council of American Executives - Click 'Display Images' to View

Congratulations! You’ve been recognized as a Top Ranked U.S. Executive.

Millions of executives provide information online about their careers each year.

The National Council of American Executives in partnership with The American Registry, has analyzed thousands of entries to identify those within a certain area and location who are rated the highest.

Of the millions of active executives, you are among the top 1% who have received this honor.

We commend you for this achievement. In an effort to aid your customers and clients in their search for top-quality service, we’ve set you apart from your competition by adding you to The Registry™. We invite you to view your award online. You can learn more about this recognition by visiting our website.

Again, congratulations on this distinctive achievement!

Benjamin Morrison
President, Consumer Research

2915 S. Congress Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33445

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