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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Halloween Confessions

Kids and me at Myrtle Beach, SC
As I said in my last post, we have been enjoying Halloween season. However, in the interest of transparency I have to tell you that this working mom didn't get everything right.

This year, we missed the pumpkin farm, but made it to the beach

In the past we have made it to a pumpkin farm to for pumpkins, hay rides, hot chocolate and kettle corn.  I even posted a list of the best pumpkin patches to visit in Pittsburgh. So, I knew where to go. I simply ran out of time.

We went on vacation in the middle of the month. (Can't you tell from the above photo?!)
We had a great time, but it basically took out three weekends in October. We missed the weekend before to pack. We didn't go the weekend we were away. And we didn't go the weekend we returned because I had to chair a meeting. Last Spring I agreed to be president of a social club because I have so much free time...

One may theoretically be able to have it all. However, as a working mom I cannot do it all in the way that I'd like when there's limited time on the weekends.  So, the seasons came, fall descended upon Pittsburgh, and all of the pumpkin farm festivals ended and as of Friday morning we had no pumpkins. 

If only groceries would miraculously appear in the refrigerator, I could do everything!

Halloween decorations compliments of our preschooler as opposed to Party City

When I woke up on Halloween I felt really guilty that we had no pumpkins. So, in an effort to salvage the situation I went to Giant Eagle on Halloween morning after a meeting and bought 4 large pumpkins and 2 baby pumpkins with painted faces. Even though we missed the pumpkin farm experience when my daughter got home from school she saw pumpkins. Done is better than perfect...

A couple of the pumpkins

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