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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Halloween Season

Halloween at school calls for Rapunzel!
 I think life has become more fun since I was a kid. Perhaps it’s the Oprah effect or it’s just a sign of the times. However, everyone seems to want to live their best life and may believe they are entitled to do so. What that has led to is an intense desire to party.

When I was growing up you got your birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. The Christmas season was restricted to about two weeks and the rest of the events lasted for only a day. After I went to college, I learned about people whose families celebrated “birthday month”. However, those people were anomalies. The rest of us were content to celebrate only a day. Then something happened.

Our fairy princess at a Halloween Party at The Children's Museum
Retailers started to realize that creating a season brought in more money and we all bought into it. I have been getting notifications on my Facebook news feed for an entire week with people attending Halloween parties and enjoying the season.  

This year we bought into like everyone else. And let me tell you something, Halloween season was
a lot of fun!

Halloween Party at Children's Museum
First, I got the kids costumes about a month in advance so we were prepared.  There are some moms who make their kids costumes by consulting Pinterest We attended a Halloween party at The Children’s Museum last Friday, my daughter had a book character party at school and then went trick or treating with her father. The baby and I passed on trick or treating because of the weather.

That’s why Halloween season is so great. You get more than one wear out of the costumes and you don’t feel bad about missing one event!

Happy Halloween!!!

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November 1st is the start of my birthday month. Let the birthday greetings and parties begin
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