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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Speaking at The Mom Con

Me with Nicole Mildren and Cooper Munroe at The Mom Con

On Saturday, I had two noteworthy accomplishments. The first, I was able to have my mother-in-law watch the kids all day, which was a huge feat. It's not that I don't love to spend all of my time with the kiddos, because I do. However, sometimes, I have commitments that interfere with me being a hands on mom.  Yesterday, I was committed to speak at a conference So, I the kids had to go!

Me, waiting to speak
I do a lot of public speaking, but I always get a little nervous. I know that I can deliver a good speech on any day. However, it's not about me. I always want to knock it out of the park and deliver a speech that meets the needs of my audience.  More than anything, I want them to enjoy it.

Hanging out with my new mommy friends!
The problem with my goal is that I never know if I achieve my goal until I am making my speech. If I see that the audience is paying attention and not sleeping... If they laugh at my jokes... And if they want to know more when I'm done, then I know that I have done my job. Fortunately, on Saturday, the stars aligned and the audience enjoyed the speech.

The conference was called, The Mom Con, it's  devoted to the "woman behind the mom" and the speakers spoke about a variety of topics from happiness to organization. 

My speech landed somewhere in the middle, it focused on the benefits of networking.I spoke about how to network your way to success. I have learned the benefits of networking from a personal and professional perspective. Indeed, my network has brought me everything from babysitters to budget techniques. I used to believe that success was a function of luck, which means preparation and opportunity.

I have come to believe that your networking is your lottery ticket to success. "It's not what you know, but who you know" is a cliche because it's true! Accordingly, I  thought the topic made sense since the conference was designed to help moms connect with other moms. The topic seemed to resonate with the attendees because after I was done, there was a line of women waiting to talk to me. I also got contacts for two other speaking opportunities. So, I met my goal.

Also, as you can see, the conference itself was a great opportunity to network. If you weren't there, plan to attend next year!

Me with Coach Monique, a talented coach, author and speaker

It was a great day for me. I was so gratified that so many amazing women were interested in what I shared. I was also glad that I made a difference in the lives of some mothers beyond my speech. Quite a few of the women related to me, beyond my words.

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