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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Blogging Interrupted By Baby!

Baby after a bath

During the week, I balance working and mothering, but on the weekends, I am knee deep in mothering all of the time!

An hour ago I was taking advantage of a rare moment of silence and was writing a blog post. While typing I smelled something that was not fresh. However, like any seasoned mom with two kids on solid food now, I ignored it. The air isn’t generally as sweet as it used to be. Their gas can smell as bad as any frat boy. Since I don’t want to give them a complex about it, I try not to react.

Well after the smell persisted, it became clear that the baby had gone poopy. Call me selfish, but I was planning to finish my post before changing him. To understand my decision-making, you might need to be a blogger or freelance writer with small children. I know that some readers in the “change the diaper as soon as the poopy drops club” might be debating calling child protective services right now. Please don’t. No babies were harmed in pursuit of a blog post. Promise!

A Bath is Sometimes the Only Solution for a Poopy Diaper

Party pooper

The baby also began to complain a little. So, I picked him up out of his high chair and found an epic dirty diaper. It seeped out through the top of the diaper and that was concealed by the straps. As soon as I lifted him up, the guilt I felt outweighed anything negative comments that any critics might bestow. I immediately told the baby how sorry I was, whisked him away from the soiled high chair took him out of his messy clothes and gave him a bath. He enjoyed the bath as much as he usually does. He smiled, laughed, tilted his head back and acted like he was a Roman king and I was his subject. 

As you can see, after he was clean, the soiled diaper was a mere memory and his mama was a hero again... 

Don't judge me!!!
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