Last Minute Holiday Gifts: Princess Cupcake Jones Book Series

Princess Cupcake Jones Books

Books make excellent holiday gifts. And I have the perfect one for the little girl in your life. The “Princess Cupcake Jones” series will appeal to every little girl’s inner princess and teach her universal lessons including how to take care of her things, how to use good manners, and how to meet new friends.

I was asked to review these books this summer. While I have been delinquent in preparing my review, I have been reading the books to my daughter ever since. It's an understatement to say that she LOVES these books. And I love them too.

Princess Cupcake Jones is a cute little princess and her mama is a queen. She has a head full of beautiful curls. She is rarely seen without her tiara or her tutu. Indeed, she is little girl of color who loves bright, shiny, things and things that sparkle. 

If you follow this blog, you know that description sounds a lot like my daughter, which is why she relates so much to these books. Indeed, my daughter has never met a tutu that she didn't like. She also has an affection for crowns. It is as if she know that she descended from royalty!

One day I did her hair and she exclaimed, "I look just like Cupcake Jones!" That was a happy day for all of us. It can so hard to find fairy tales featuring little girls of color. So that is a huge plus. More than that though, the books are well written and have very relatable messages. I highly recommend that you add these books to your gift list. There is time to get them in time for Christmas too. I promise, you won't be sorry!

You can obtain a copy of the book through this link via Amazon: Princess Cupcake Jones Books