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Wordless Wednesday (almost): Trying to Get the Perfect Photo With Santa

"We've got a blinker!" --Comment by Santa photographer

As a blogger, I am constantly taking photos. It's proven that images lead to more page views. And I think that happens because photos just make blog posts more fun! Here's the back story of our shot with Santa. A re-take was required because apparently one of the kids was "a blinker". 

You had to be there to understand how funny this was. The photographer said the phrase with the same intensity of a operating room technician. He noticed the problem and it was not going to persist on his watch. So, the kids, unaware of which had committed the infraction, posed again. I am certain my daughter had no idea what the photographer was talking about, she just wanted to smile again and the baby was still trying to figure out why it was OK for him to sit on a stranger's lap this time...

Merry Christmas!!!

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