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A Peek into Life of a Working Mom: The Weekend (#TBT)

Members of The Girl Friends, Inc. Pittsburgh Chapter at Sonoma Grill
Last weekend was a combination of obligations and recreation...

Social clubs are a great way for working moms to remain connected.

Working moms cannot exist on work and family alone. Sometimes, we need to socialize. That socializing can occur impromptu or it can be organized. Since I have always been a bit of a joiner I tend to enjoy the structured fun that comes with a part of a club.  On Saturday, I chaired a meeting for a multi-generational social organization that I'm in. And even though being president is a lot of work, whenever girl friends get together we always have a good time. This past weekend, I co-hosted the meeting at Sonoma Grill .  Both the food and the services were great. I highly recommend hosting an event there.

The weekend is not complete without some quality family time!

On Sunday we got to have uninterrupted family time. And family time is always good! We went for a brief walk. 

It was a balmy 38 degrees and there was no snow. So, I took advantage of it! 

Also, like we often do, we visited the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. However, on Sunday we spent most of our time in the Make Shop figuring out how circuits work.

Little girl at The Children's Museum in the Makeshop

When I went to sleep on Sunday night I was pleased. Somehow, I managed to do everything I wanted to do that weekend, except fold the laundry. Since I have decided that folding the laundry is way overrated, I had no regrets about not doing that. 

Anybody else think that the weekends are too special to waste time folding laundry?
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