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Mommy Mondays: A New Reality TV Show Featuring Moms (#LoveThySister)

Love Thy Sister

This is the first day back to work after the New Year. Even though I wasn't off for a long stretch, I did take some time off. I haven't been to work since December 30th and it has been a treat. However, as any working mom knows being home is harder work than working ever is.  The hardest thing about being a working mom is doing both--keeping the home fires burning and holding down a job. Still, even when you're not working the home part is damn hard.

For that reason, many moms need a guilty pleasure that distracts them from the challenges of their lives. For many, in recent years that distraction has been reality TV shows. It's funny, if you listen to people in polite company, there are lots of objections to reality TV. The people are fake. The story lines are scripted. They contain way too much drama than real life. In a word, people complain that reality TV is a far cry from reality.

You would think that nobody watches reality TV shows. However, that's not true. Apparently behind closed doors we are all watching. For that reason, reality TV shows keep popping up. While some of them might be a bit much, I encourage you to watch, "Love Thy Sister" on We TV premiering this Thursday, January 8th. It is a show about three sisters and their relationship to one another and their families.

Love Thy Sister, the latest reality TV show featuring moms

Each of the women have children and each are highly educated.  They also have the pedigree to open all of the right doors. Besides all of that Ellen, Ione, and Ruby are pure sunshine. They are the kind of girls that you would like to have a drink with because you know that you will laugh more than you ever have. Having had the privilege of that, I can tell you that you'd be right.

Unlike the Kardashians, these women aren't Hollywood. They are all the way real...

Me and Ruby at our friend's shower
Ruby and I attended law school in South Carolina together. From the start, she was different. She had the looks and money to be completely superficial. However, she because of her upbringing and her drive, she was in law school like the rest of us struggling to learn the I.R.A.C. method. We became fast friends. She opened her home and her family to me, and I will always be grateful. 

The Ruckers introduced me to a new world. I had been exposed to people with money before. However, I had never experienced such a large family who had so much love. Indeed, their love overflowed and engulfed anyone who was within its path. I benefited from it as much as any of their "real family" ever did. 

I have experienced engagements, weddings divorces and children with this family. Indeed, I was in Ruby's wedding. And, I can tell you that they are the real deal. Their gorgeous looks pale in comparison to the magnitude of their hearts. When you are on their team, they have your back. 

I haven't seen the show yet, but I am quite sure that once America watches "Love Thy Sister" they will love the Rucker girls as much as I do.

So, tune in and watch the show this Thursday and let me know your thoughts, I'll be watching too!

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For more on Love Thy Sister, visit for sneak peeks, deleted scenes, photo galleries and blogs. You’ll also find the weekly behind-the-scenes scoop and exclusive videos. “Like” the Love Thy Sister page on Facebook and follow @WEtv on Instagram for the full insider experience. They also are selling great hair products called "Rucker Roots" that are guaranteed to have your hair bouncing and behaving!
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