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Throwback Thursday: New Year's Eve 2014 (#TBT)

One of the highlights of the end of the year was New Year's Eve. Midday we visited the Pittsburgh Children's Museum to see the balloons drop! It's an annual event and a lot of fun.

New Year's Eve, Children's Museum

This is the third year that we have attended. My daughter loves it so much it tires her out, which is a great thing.

All partied out!

We followed up were able our visit to the Children's Museum with an early dinner out with the kids at Eddie Merlot's, which was a great way to start off. 

Eddie Merlot's gives a great presentation and the food is delicious!

We were all dressed for the evening, the kids included and they seemed to enjoy themselves. The baby enjoyed himself so much that he had no interest in remaining in his high chair. Instead, he wanted to roam and to see what the other diners were doing!

Stay tuned to my account of the remainder of our evening at Motown, The Musical!
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