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Day Light Savings Time Wreaks Havoc on Families (#DST)

Sunday lunch

Today was the first workday after Day Light Savings Time started and it was a struggle. In a word, we have been off since yesterday and are struggling to recover. We went to bed late on Sunday night because we were punch drunk on the day's sunshine. It's been so cold and dreary here that 35 degrees and sun felt like a heatwave.

What happens to a working mom when the sun shines in Pittsburgh

The kids and I went out and enjoyed the day. We went shopping, had lunch and prepared for the baby's upcoming birthday party. Because we had a big lunch we got a late start making dinner. But we had a good time laughing and cooking. It didn't feel like it was 9:30 when we started to go up for bath time, but it was.  When Monday morning came, we were all cranky and tired. It took an extra effort to get out of bed and make it to work and school. It's going to be tough until we get back on schedule again. However, if Day Light Savings Time means longer days, sunshine and warmer temperatures, we'll take it.

Still, I can't help but wonder if there is a better way to enjoy the change of seasons without having our lives disrupted... According to the NBC Nightly news lots of people struggle on the Monday following Daylight Savings Time. I'd love to hear your stories.

Any other families struggling with Day Light Savings Time? Perhaps we should get a petition going?!

Chaton's World: A Working Mom's Quest for Balance in Stilettos© : Appeal to Congress by Working Moms: Get Rid of Day...: As you know this week I have focused on the great Pittsburgh weather and my sleep deprivation . ( Today was another gorgeous day too!)...
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