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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: The Weekend

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As a working mom my weeks are jam packed. For that reason, I love my weekends!

Last weekend we got to have family time. And family time is always good! Lately family time is a rare commodity. We closed on our new home in need of renovations on April 11, 2014, three weeks after our son was born. Andre has been doing those renovations himself. That means that I’ve spent nearly every night and weekend since alone with the kids. I’ll resist the urge to say that I understand what single moms feel like. I know they bear a burden that I don’t understand. Still, it has been hard.

I won’t bore you by articulating how hard it’s been. It’s hard to explain without sounding like I’m whining. Also, everybody has their problems and those problems are significant to them. This past weekend though, it was almost like things were back to normal. We spent our Saturday hanging out. We had lunch together, hung out at his parents house and hosted family for dinner. Sunday was a bit of the same.

Mommy selfie (#selfie)

This weekend let me see that the end is in sight. And that makes me very happy!
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