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Working Mom Tip: You Have to Be Resourceful

Child on a rainy day
One of the keys to succeeding as a working mom is being resourceful. You have to learn how to make things from scratch, simply out of necessity. Sometimes, you neglect to go to the store to buy what you need and that forces you to make it. Other times, your child demands something that you had not contemplated and you have to make it happen.

Working Moms Do What's Necessary to Get Out the Door

Getting out of the door in the morning can be a feat of epic proportions, even with good planning. The reason is, children are unpredictable. We like to think that they are little mounds of clay waiting to be molded. However, the truth is, they have their own minds and their own mouths. They are also not afraid to use either one of them.

Please refrain from emailing me your best child discipline techniques. I work with pediatricians and child psychologists. The 80/20 rule applies to parenting. If your child(ren) are under 10 and they do what you want them to do 80% of the time you are WINNING! The problem for working moms is that you can't always predict when your kids will be a problem. That's why you have to be prepared for anything!

My daughter and I walk to preschool most mornings. I prepared for the possibility of rain by asking my mom to get her a raincoat and rain boots. I even bought her an umbrella to match. Well one day she didn't want to use her umbrella I think it was because, "It was too heavy". Forget that she's used it countless times before. I had to be resourceful and I made her a rain bonnet out of a plastic grocery store bag. Yes, I did that. It was raining hard. And she's too young to be told, "Well just get wet then." I needed a solution and I needed one quickly. So, I reached for a Giant Eagle bag, put it on her head, tied it in a knot and we rolled! It did the job and she thought it was a genius idea. 

I was slightly embarrassed in front of the other moms until I remembered all of the things I've observed at drop off! :-)
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