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Confessions from a Working Mom: I hate laundry

Mogul, Mom & Maid Manifesto
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"The laundry can wait because life will not."

The above quote is my new mantra! If you have read this blog before you know that I have a thing about laundry. I hate it. It is the gift that keeps on giving and for some reason that gift always has my name on it. Indeed, laundry creates so much stress in my house that it has become the equivalent of a four letter word...

Laundry has no respect of persons, every one is laundry's slave...

Even though he generates quite a lot of it, my husband is oblivious to laundry. He takes his clothes off and leaves them on the bedroom floor. He uses his towel and leaves it on the floor. He takes his socks off and leaves them next to the sofa. He does these things instinctively without thinking. Then, he is unable to see the piles. That's at least what I have grown to believe. If he could see the piles surely he would pick up his s--t, right?!

I have been secretly, or not so secretly, hating laundry. I believed that I was alone. However, recently, I have found out that laundry is the cause of a lot of angst on the part of working moms. The accumulating piles make us feel like failures. And even when we have a system, it doesn't end. At the end of every day is a pile of laundry that got dirty that day.

There are numerous expletives that I could use to describe my disdain for the existence of laundry and the requirement that it be sorted, washed and folded. The only reason I'm not sharing them is because this is a family blog and I don't want to get relegated to your Junk Mail folder. Indeed, when I was single, I only did laundry about once per month. I had enough underwear to last me that long and my hamper could accommodate that schedule without overflowing. I also seemed to get dirty less when I was single and accordingly generated less laundry.

Now, there is laundry everywhere all of the time and I HATE it, I have decided that it is impossible to conquer laundry. So, I am going to publicly "cry uncle". My only hope is that the laundry demon is gentle with me..

Confession: The wonderful woman who helps us with the kids does their laundry. So, perhaps, I just hate doing my husband's laundry??? Now, that is a topic for another day.

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