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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Five Lessons to Learn From the NBA Finals

Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy
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Even though I am not a huge sports fan, but I do tend to turn in for the playoffs. So, tonight I watched the NBA Finals and it was kind of awesome! The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are both in it to win it. And all of us can learn from their hustle.

Five Lessons Working Moms Can Learn from the NBA Finals

  1. Follow your dreams. When you think about it, professional athletes get paid to do something that they would do for free. They started playing when they were kids and they have been fortunate enough to find someone who will pay them to do it. I am inspired. As a child, my family told me that I talked too much. Is it a surprise that I'm a professional speaker?! 
  2. Play hard. Watching the playoffs for two minutes teaches you that victory is for the team that works hardest. If you can move, you play. If you get injured and your head gets cut, you glue it and you play. If you fall down, you get up and play. What you are doing matters most of all. So, you give it all you've got. 
  3. Find a great team or get your game up. Golden State has a strong team. The Cleveland Cavaliers have "The King" LeBron James. Either team can win this thing. However, if you want to be in contention, you need to associate yourself with those who are like minded or you need to be among the best who has ever played the game. 
  4. Speak in sound bites. After the game, players are interviewed and it is as if they have all sipped from the same cup of media training. The truth is there are very few things that people want to hear from you. Find out what they are. Share them consistently and then be shut up!
  5. Beware of wardrobe malfunctions. The other night LeBron James inadvertently flashed the family jewels on camera. We all got to see what he was working with and we understand why he's so damned cocky... That said, most of us would rather not expose ourselves in public. So, remember that it is a possibility and dress for the occasion. Wear the appropriate under garments and for goodness sake, do all of your wardrobe adjustments in the locker room (or green room)!

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