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Wordless Wednesday: Watching TV (#dontjudgeme)

I know there are reports that suggest the television is the first step towards the crack pipe. However,  I don't believe it.
I spent many years watching TV with my grandmother and I turned out fine. And instead of watching cartoons, I watched soap operas! Indeed, I knew more about the characters on Guiding Light" than I knew about my own family. I actually learned the word "prolific" from watching "The Bold and the Beautiful". That's an SAT word! 

Seriously, it's not that I believe in unlimited TV time. It's just that I sometimes need to pluck my kids in front of the TV in order to accomplish some things. How do you think I found time to write this blog post?!

I guess the worse thing that can happen from my kids watching TV is that they may not get into Harvard. I'll just have to tell them that they'll join a long line of family members who didn't attend Harvard...
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