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Working Moms, Don't Opt Out. Choose Real Estate. #NorthwoodForMoms

Chaton Turner attending Northwood Moms event
I am participating in the Northwood Moms program and have been provided with compensation in exchange for my honest opinions.   
About one-in-ten mothers with a Master’s degree or more are staying at home in order to care for their family, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of census data. Among mothers with professional degrees, such as medical degrees, law degrees or nursing degrees, 11% are relatively affluent and are out of the workforce in order to care for their families. This is true for 9% of Master’s degree holders and 6% of mothers with a Ph.D. Opting out? About 10% of highly educated moms are staying at home
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What if there was a magic career that allowed for moms to earn a good living and be there for their families? 

I am not sure who benefits from opting out. Society loses because of the brain drain. Women who feel forced to opt out resent it. And those who really can't afford to are stressed out by their financial situation. What if there was a magic career that allowed for moms to earn a good living and be there for their families? It turns out that there is. It is real estate. 

The real estate agents at the heart of Northwood Moms
I attended a great event a couple of weeks ago with some inspiring working moms who are real estate agents associated with Northwoods Realty. These women seemed to know the secret about how to accommodate working and mothering. At the event they shared their stories. They explained how they chose real estate and why real estate was the right choice for them and their families. They were so positive and effusive about real estate that I would have questioned their authenticity unless I had been there to hear their stories. 

The agents represented the entire spectrum of working moms. They were divorced, remarried, never divorced, ethnic minorities, mothers of special needs children, primary breadwinners, second career moms... They were every flavor of mom and each of them truly believed in their choice. There wasn't an ounce of conflict in them about the choice. And it was refreshing.

Real estate agent who turned a great profit on a home in Key West. Her daughter is a Northwood Mom

Real Estate Allows Moms to Make Money, Build Futures, and Care For Kids

Because of my blog and my speaking career, I attend a lot of events targeted at working women. It is not uncommon for the moms in the bunch to commiserate about "the man" and how hard it is to work and be a good mother. I have begun to expect someone to cry, especially at the events that include lawyer moms. So, it was encouraging to see a bunch a smiling working moms who actually like their jobs and believe that it makes them better. 

I now wonder whether women should seek out industries that have flexibility built in, instead of struggling to redesign Corporate America. Apparently, real estate allows you to make money, build your future, and take care of your children while smiling. Indeed, real estate may be the promised land for working moms.Perhaps more of us should consider it?

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