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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Fourth of July Weekend

The only thing working moms like better than a weekend is a long weekend.  Last weekend was no exception. Like many Americans I celebrated the holiday with food, family and fun. During the weekend I had a conversation with someone about patriotism that got me thinking. 

Can you love America and believe that we still have a lot to overcome?

In the past six months we have had so many examples about how America has many miles to go before it lives up to its creed. Indeed, "all men are created equal" remains an aspiration and not a reality. How is it possible to celebrate all that is America and to recognize the issues that we still have to overcome?

I think the answer is quite simple. 

Loving your country may be like loving your family. Your family does not have to be perfect to deserve your love. Sometimes, they may get on your nerves, try your patience and drive you to the brink. Still, they are yours and you would choose to defend them against all else in spite of their imperfections. And more often than not, they give you something to smile about! 

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