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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Motherhood The Naked Truth

The effort is takes to succeed as a working mom is extreme. We have two full time jobs and it's hard to succeed at both. However, succeeding is possible with planning and flexibility. I have an example of that last week before we moved in with my parents...

Creativity is required for working moms trying to do it all.

I wanted to cook dinner when I got home and I did. However, I never made it upstairs to change my clothes though. Instead, I took clothes off and spent most of the night in my camisole and underwear. I took my clothes off to to breastfeed because the baby is known to spit up and we're on a budget. So, I took off my clothes to try to avoid an unnecessary dry cleaning bill. After breastfeeding, I cooked dinner and got the kids ready for their baths, bathed them, and happened to look in the mirror. It was only then that I realized that I had been scantily clad for most of the evening.

I don't share this to be salacious. Indeed, there's no 50 Shades of Grey ending. My husband wasn't even home.

I share this to be real. Having it all ain't necessarily glamorous.  All of the photos of working moms has a woman fully made up wearing Diane Von Furstenberg and Louboutins. Considering how hard we're all working these days, I think even those women wind up making dinner in their underwear. However, their's might be La Perla.
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