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I Cannot Believe that I am Missing The BlogHer Conference Again... (#BlogHer15)

What it looks like to "do it all"
I have missed the BlogHer conference for the past three years and I have regretted it every time. The reason is, I have attended before and I know what I am missing...

BlogHer is the flagship blogging conference for a reason. Everybody who's anybody in the blogging community is there, the seminars are great, the keynote speaker is always amazing. I mean they've previously had President Obama and Katie Couric for goodness sake. They also always end with a killer party. 

If it's so amazing you may wonder why I am writing about it instead of Tweeting my photos about it. The reason is this. It is impossible to do it all. Even the articles where the working moms have the great hair, great clothes, cute kids and handsome husband, define "having it all" as working and having a family. 

They don't even include blogging and attending conferences in the equation because what I am attempting to do is completely insane! 
Anyway, even though I try to make it all work, I had to cry uncle. Working, blogging and speaking with two small children is a lot. However, our home renovation project has sent me right over the edge. There is no sane way that I could have made it to BlogHer this year. For that reason, I'll have to be content to follow the event via tweets by my peeps like Danica Kombol, Maria Wen Adcock, and Mommy Mafia!

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