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Wordless Wednesday: A Visit to The National Museum of Play

As a working mom, I appreciate fun-filled weekends A LOT! Last weekend, I visited my hometown of Rochester, New York. While there, my mom made sure that we stopped by the Strong Museum, otherwise known as "The National Museum of Play". I am so glad she did. It totally rocks!

The National Museum of Play had so many great fun things for kids. It had a dance room replete with a strobe light that my we all rocked out too, especially the baby. It had a pretend Wegmans Food and Pharmacy with little shopping carts and faux food. It also has a replica of the stoop portrayed on Sesame Street. As a girl raised on Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and the Count, I was impressed and had to try it out. So, below is a photo of my sister, my daughter and I just chillin' on Sesame Street...

If you haven't taken your kids to The National Museum of Play, I highly recommend making a trip to Rochester.

I found out how to get to Sesame Street...

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