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How The First Day of Kindergarten Taught Me The Importance of Spare Makeup

Photos of the first day of school
After two years of pre-school, last week we had our first week of Kindergarten. That means that play time is over and we have entered the big leagues. 

I don't recommend working on the first day of school...

Like most moms, I was anxious. As a working mom, I was conflicted about what I should do on the first day. I wondered whether I should take the day off. I decided against it because I wasn't sure what I would do all day. So, I decided to go to work that day.  It seemed like a good idea at the time. And ultimately it worked out. Still it wasn't without some challenges. 

Parents and Kindergarten student on the first day
Our day has a much earlier start than preschool. Being the supermom that I strive to be, on the first day of school, I intended to be up, dressed and made up and have breakfast ready. As you can see from the above photo, breakfast wound up being an Eggo in a bag, I am wearing sunglasses because I neglected to put on my make up before we left for the bus stop. 

After the bus stop, I went back home, made some tea and then went to the school for a first day kick off. When I arrived, nobody had seen my kid.  Within about two minutes of my arriving she appeared with a first grade teacher who said that she had been found with the first graders putting her stuff in a locker.  Those were the longest two minutes of my life...

Hiccups happened, but the first day of school was a success!

The first day of school taught me to have spare makeup...

After she was found, I calmly made my way to work. However, as luck would have it, I forgot to bring my makeup bag with me. So, I was a bit of a mess. (Hence the sunglasses you see in the photo above.) I got to work in need of some freshening up! Lest you want to lecture me about how makeup doesn't have anything to do with my performance, spare me. I wear makeup to work as part of my uniform. For that reason, I found myself at Rite-Aid and wound up spending nearly $57.00 on new makeup and moisturizer. 

I've always heard that kids were expensive, but this was unexpected! Still, all in all it was a win. She arrived to school on time. I arrived to work on time. And nobody was hurt in the process.


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