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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Taking a Break at The Family House Polo Match (#FHPolo15)

At the Family House Polo Match
Generally my weekends are full of children and chores. However, on Saturday I actually made time to party with a purpose. I attended the Family House Polo Match (that provides a safe haven for families who have loved ones in the hospital) with my generous and chivalrous brother and we had a great time!

Sibling Time Rocks!

My brother scored the tickets because he is on the board with a very well connected Pittsburgher who also happens to work for my employer! Pittsburgh is the ultimate small world.) Having attended the event before, I was all about going again. Since Andre was working on the house, I arranged for a babysitter and I accompanied my brother to the event. 

I wasn't ready when he arrived,but he forgave me. I couldn't find my boots in my renovation half unpacked chaos, and I forgave myself. I vowed not to allow wearing sandals on a rainy overcast day ruin my parade and it didn't! 

I just decided to rock them like a boss, ignoring the fact that most of the other girls were practically dressed in their Hunter wellies.I even got a compliment for being stylish followed up by an invitation to judge a fashion show. Not bad for a second choice outfit, is it?!

My brother and I managed to attend the event, network with some of Pittsburgh's play makers (translation, I handed out some blog cards. You should hear my elevator pitch!) and have some good cocktails. All in all, it was a great event and we had a great time!
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