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Working Mom Tips: Ten Ways to Finding Quality Time with Your Kids

Working moms struggle to spend quality time with their kids. The challenge is, we have so many obligations and so little time. We all like going to special events like Sesame Street Live, Yo Gabba Gabba, and to amusements parks. But it's winter and the days are short. We are often tired. And sometimes we can't it together in time on the weekends to get to those places before they close because we also have errands to run.

Tweet: Making the ordinary, fun, is the key to finding quality time with your kids. With these challenges there can be a temptation to just give up or just feel incredibly guilty that our kids are being short changed. Giving into that temptation can be destructive. It winds up making working moms feel guilty and no good comes from that. Instead of feeling guilty make our regular moments more special.

In the photo above, I blotted my new red lipstick on my daughter's cheek while she was getting ready for bed. It was spontaneous, silly and made her smile. Making the ordinary, fun, and even extraordinary is the key to finding quality time with your kids. That way when a truly special event comes along, your kids understand that it's just another way to have fun with mom.

Below is a list of ten ways to find quality time with your kids, in no particular order...

Ten Ways to Finding Quality Time with Your Kids

  1. Making dinner-Engage your kids in the process. Let them wash vegetables, sort bowls or even taste test!
  2. Cleaning their room-Make cleaning their room a game. My daughter and I make her bed together. I also make it a race to see who can pick up more toys.
  3. Bath time-Bubbles make it better. If you can't do bubbles, use shaving cream. That's a tip I learned from Heidi Murkoff! 
  4. Breakfast-Create a smiley face with fruit to make your kid smile.
  5. Going to school-My daughter takes the bus, but when we drove to camp last summer we played "I Spy" and she loved it, we both did!
  6. Morning routine-For young children, teach them the day of the week with labeled underwear. Also, have a daily dance party! Our kids love music and my daughter and I jump on her bed to music in the morning. It's our thing and she loves it. Uptown Funk, Shake it Off, and Whip Nae, Nae are our current favorites. We even jump on the beds because why not?!
  7. Washing Dishes-Kids love to help wash dishes. I think the soapy water reminds them of bath time. Give them a bin filled with warm soapy water and let them help!
  8. Doing laundry-Although doing laundry is on my list of least favorite things to do, it is more fun when the kids are involved. you can throw the sheet on them and pretend it's a tent. The next thing you know  you have a game they love. This is not the most efficient way to get done, but it is fun.
  9. Dinner-There are so many options to bond at dinner time, you can involve kids in the prep. Even young kids can sort the silverware. You can assign them the task of blessing the food. You can also give them time to talk--about anything they want. You'll be surprised at what you might hear!
  10. Road Trips-When my daughter and I are in the car, we play "I Spy". It makes the time pass more quickly and she seems to be learning a lot--colors, landmarks, and how to find things that aren't necessarily obvious. It's also teaching her to be more aware of the world around her.

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